10 Situations When You’ll Need to Know About why are some stars brighter than others

The brightest stars in the night sky tend to be bright because they are closer to Earth and therefore are able to transmit more light to our eyes or reflect more light back to us. The darkest stars, on the other hand, are at the extreme ends of the stellar spectrum, so they are more dim and are less able to reflect light back to Earth.

Bright stars are actually closer to us than dark stars because they have a larger distance from Earth, so more light can be reflected back to us. This means that a star that is bright in the night sky but dim in the day sky is actually closer to Earth than a star that is dim in the day sky but bright in the night sky. This is why bright stars are generally called “welcomest stars.

This is why dark stars are called dimmest stars. Because it’s impossible for a star to shine in the night sky without us noticing it, dim stars are dim only because we can’t see them.

And that is also why our sun is brighter than some other stars. Because the majority of the light coming from it is reflected back to us. This is why the sun looks red in the night sky, because we can’t see the star that is the source of the red glow.

This is a little weird, but stars can be both dim and bright in the night sky, depending on the path they travel through the universe. This is why some stars shine so bright they look like stars. And this is why stars can appear to be moving at different speeds in the sky, depending on the direction we look. And in the end, the sun is not the brightest star in the heavens.

A star that is too bright to see in the night sky is called a “variable star”. There are many types of variable stars, but the two types that we currently know of are the ones that appear to vary in brightness. The first is a type of variable star that is known as a “magnetic” type. The second is a type of variable star that is known as “globular” type.

The first type of magnetic type is called a polarity star. These stars are actually composed of two oppositely-charged magnetic regions. The polarity star is the brightest one that is in the night sky and thus is a relatively easy target for attackers.

The second type of variable star is the one we know as a globular star. This type of star is actually made up of a few thousand stars that orbit each other every night. On a monthly basis, the stars orbit around each other in roughly the same direction and so the stars are never exactly the same. It’s more like the stars are orbiting around each other in a way that is very close to perfectly circular. The stars that are closest together orbit the stars that are furthest away.

Globular stars are actually very rare. The star we see in the night sky is actually a small star in the biggest globular star that is created by all the stars that are orbiting around that. If you imagine creating a new sphere from the rest of the stars, then after creating the sphere that is the “biggest” you have everything that is in the sphere.

Well, then you’d be able to make a sphere of those stars. And if you made that sphere the largest you would have everything that is currently in the universe. So if you took the universe and put it into a sphere it would be the biggest sphere possible. If you took everything that is in the universe and put it into a sphere it would be the biggest sphere that is possible.