An Introduction to what physical property of a star does the spectral type measure?

the spectral type is a measure of the shape. A star is a ‘star’ because it has a similar shape to the entire universe. It is, on average, made up of a cluster of stars. The word ‘star’ comes from the Latin star- because it is a cluster of stars. It is important to understand that the shape of a star is not its color or any other property.

A star is a cluster of stars, so the spectral type cannot be the property of the star. It can only be the shape of a star, which in turn is known to be the result of a combination of the star’s light and its temperature. As long as a star has a similar shape to the universe as a whole, the spectral type would be the property of the star.

Another common misconception is that the spectral type is the property of the star. It is not. When scientists observed the spectrum of a star, they were actually observing the shape of the star. In reality, you can have a star with a similar shape to the universe as a whole, but it will have a totally different spectral type. This misconception is really not that big of a problem, though.

In the universe as a whole, the spectral type will be all over the place. In fact, the more we observe it, the less we find that it is the same spectral type. This is because stars have different temperatures at different parts of their core. In fact, they’re so hot that they will be a completely different type of star depending on where you are.

The spectral type is the temperature at which something is “hot.” If you look at the temperature map of a star, you can see the star is a completely different temperature depending on where it is in its core. The closer you are to the star, the hotter it must be to maintain the same temperature at different parts of its core.

This is obviously one of those things that a star has a lot of. In fact, there are more than 150 different types of stars, which makes the list pretty big. However, a spectral type is just a rough approximation of what the star is.

The spectral type of a star is a number that tells you the star’s temperature. The higher the number, the hotter the star. But there are other things you can do to determine what the star’s temperature is. You can also see the star’s temperature by putting the star in a black box and then placing an infrared camera around it.

One of the major problems with spectral types is that they are so complicated that it is really hard to interpret the results. Astronomers are using the spectra of each star to determine the temperature of the star, and by doing so they have determined that the temperatures of some stars are hotter than others. Some of the stars with the hottest temperatures are the hottest objects known to man. Others are hotter than the sun.

There is a lot of debate about what these spectral types actually mean. For the most part, astronomers agree that an object’s spectral type is a measure of the temperature it has to live in to have life. Objects that have hotter temperatures are generally believed to be dead. Objects with warmer temperatures have life. Objects with cooler temperatures do not have life. So the cooler stars have the higher temperatures.

This is not always true. The reason star temperatures can vary is because the temperature of an object can change as it ages and ages the sun and the sun changes its temperature. Because of that, objects with a higher temperature can have a hotter temperature in our universe than objects with a lower temperature. So objects with a higher temperature are sometimes believed to be the hottest objects known to man, since there is more stuff being created at higher temperatures.