One Doesn’t Have to Be a Tennis Player to Suffer from Tennis Elbow!

Tendon is a fibrous tissue surrounding muscles and bones. When this tough structure becomes inflamed, doctors term it tendonitis. Various factors like overuse of muscles or injury can lead to this issue. It mainly affects the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and knee. Tendinitis usually accompanies tender, painful, and swollen joints. Traditional treatments include pain relievers, ice, rest, surgery, etc. In most cases, this condition can be sports-related. If it affects your elbow, they call it tennis elbow. Some people believe that only tennis players can contract this health issue due to the overuse of the joint, while in truth, anyone can face it. 

Studies show that about 50% of sports people who use shoulder motion often develop this problem. But it’s not the tennis players that form most of these cases. Nearly 95% of affected patients belong to other activity groups, such as car maintenance, plumbing, construction, and cooking. All these areas involve overuse of the arm and weight lifting of sorts. Although this condition is painful, one can find relief over time. However, an extensively damaged tendon may not improve without clinical help. Pain drugs, rest, and ice also may not help. For such cases, stem cell therapy can be the path. You can seek treatment at a clinic like QC Kinetix (Johnson City).

Tennis elbow treatment

Stem cells form in the developing body and help build different tissue and organ types. Even adult bodies can also store them for proper cell functioning. In treatment, doctors need adult stem cells for tennis elbow. Embryonic cells don’t help. A doctor can extract the cells from any body part, but sources like bone marrow and adipose reportedly offer higher therapeutic benefits. The cells get shipped to the lab to transform into aspirate concentration. This solution has to treat your injured spot or elbow in this case. It can check inflammation and renew cells, speeding up recovery. Since these cells can identify the diseased cells regardless of their location and time, they know what to do with them. 

Healing from stem cell treatment

When your daily quality of life deteriorates, or pain crosses the tolerance level, you can no longer rely on OTC drugs and rest. Even physical therapy may not offer desired relief. If the situation worsens, the only option can be surgery as per the traditional method. The problem with this treatment procedure is the time consumed. Medicines can take time to work on the affected part. Plus, you may have to wait for the next appointment or the rehabilitation process to complete. However, stem cell therapy works arguably faster than any of these. One can start noticing the difference post-treatment within a short time. Similarly, recovery can also set in quickly. It is possible to experience this because of the targeted nature of stem cell therapy.

It’s not easy for anyone to understand when they should seek treatment. Instead of waiting for your symptoms to worsen, you can meet the specialists for a proper diagnosis and recommendation. You can discuss everything with them, starting from the nature of the treatment to the cost and side effects.