10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow About moon phase may 2016

The moon is a constant reminder of our place on earth. It is also the only sign we can see that comes every day. Its presence is omnipresent, but also ever-present. It is just a matter of when the moon is in the sky, and its phases, that determine our time of the day.

As with the tides, the moon phases can be affected by how we eat, sleep, and drink. The moon’s phases are also affected by the phases of the sun. We have a few hours of night as the moon is closest to the sun, and the dark hours are when it is farthest away from the sun. Because the moon rises and sets so quickly, it is also always up in the morning.

So if we set aside a few hours in the morning, the moon will always be rising, so it is a prime time to take in some light. But if you are staying up later, or if you eat at a later hour, then the moon will be setting.