Ithaca, The Calming City For A Peaceful Experience 

Plan to take a vacation and go sightseeing? How about wanting to go on an adventure and travel to a not-so-known city? We recommend you check out Ithaca as one of the places you are going to travel to. Traveling alone may be a scary thing to do especially if it is your first time doing so. Need not worry, as starting small is what we recommend for you. 

Ithaca is a perfect place to explore as it is a small town filled with people that have big hearts. Ithaca is a city in New York City that is surrounded by natural structures that will make you fall in love with its scenery. Since you are planning to make your stay there, you are going to need a place to stay; checking out Ithaca vacation rentals should be the first thing you should do before planning the activities ahead. 

Things to Know Before Taking a Trip to Ithaca

Ithaca is a place like no other, and it is filled with people who have great positive energy and is surrounded by nature that makes you feel amazed by how they live. Aside from the scenery and the people who live there, their delicacy is also what makes them stand out and make you want to revisit after your stay is done. There are things that you should know before taking a vacation in Ithaca:

  • Humidity – Ithaca experiences hot and humid summers and very cold winters, wherein they experience some kind of precipitation every one-third of a year. It was recorded that their most humid month of the year was September which reached over 71.4% humidity levels which is way above average. When traveling to this city, make sure to bring some thick clothing, or you will surely be freezing in their cold weather.
  • Several Breweries – This city really loves its wine, so you should expect a bunch of wineries in their downtown areas. It is really a great opportunity for those people who love drinking to socialize with new people in the bars while taking a sip out of their local specialty drinks. 
  • Activities to do Outdoors – When taking a vacation, the last thing you want to do is stick to your phone and stay indoors. You can do a number of things in Ithaca, and you will not be able to say that your stay was quite boring; it will be quite the opposite. Activities such as hiking, sightseeing, or water activities are what they have to offer when it comes to entertainment.
  • High-Quality Delicacies – It is considered that this is where ice cream originated, so it is quite to be expected that they take their ice cream quite seriously. Aside from this, it was also reported that this place is where the idea of pizza delivery originated. A majority of their cuisine revolves around a mixture of French cuisine and Southern comfort foods. With these notable things of their culinary history, you should expect their meals to be something great.
  • Nightlife – Even at night, this city still has activities in store for those who love the atmosphere the night gives off. You should expect calming and peaceful music with those really glimmering lights to light up the dark streets of the city.

It is almost impossible to run out of ideas and things to do in Ithaca since they usually keep themselves busy with their lively music, artsy art museum, and, let’s not forget about their nightlife. There are some bars that stay until midnight, and it really gives off that unique “nightly” atmosphere. Make sure you indulge yourself with the fun activities the people of Ithaca have in store for you because they will surely show you what it is about them that makes their city great.