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In this article, I cover the recent election, the political situation, what the GOP stands for, how the GOP will change, and what the future holds for the party.

The 2016 election was the first time in US history that the two major parties had contested presidential elections. In the 2012 election, the Republican candidates won every state, while the Democratic candidates won 18 states. This year, the GOP and Democrats made major gains in each state. The GOP is now a majority in the House and is working toward a majority in the Senate. The GOP is also in the midst of a very promising run at the Presidency.

The Republican Party has been in power since the dawn of our nation, and the Democrats have been in power since the mid-1800s. In a way, they’re both similar in that they started from the same place, but they’re very different in how they got there. The Republicans have always had a strong base of white Southern men whose roots are here in the Deep South.

Since the mid-1800s, the Republicans have been more successful in winning elections than the Democrats. The Democrats have not had a strong base of white Southern men since the 1960s, when the civil rights movement took over. This is because white people have always looked at Southern men as less competent and less patriotic so when they start winning elections they assume theyve already won over the white men.

The first Republican to win a Presidential election in this century was Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. In the following year, in 1956, the Republicans made their first breakthrough in the South. The Republicans came to the White House in 1964 with Barry Goldwater, a man who was very unpopular with Southern white people because he was a “big government” conservative.

The Republican Party has a long and long history of taking power through the exploitation of white racists. In the mid-20th century, the GOP used its power to oppress African Americans. Now the GOP is using its power to oppress white people. In the years to come, the GOP will make sure all Americans find themselves in an ever-growing government prison camp.

House in 1964 with Barry Goldwater, a man who was very unpopular with Southern white people because he was a big government conservative.

In his 1966 book, The Conservative Mind, philosopher and political theorist H. L. Mencken described the GOP as a group that “seems bent upon getting rid of black people.

The GOP is very opposed to black people, and is currently working to make sure black people can’t vote in federal and state elections. They’re doing this by trying to make sure that black people don’t have the same rights as white people.

The Republican Party is an explicitly white supremacist entity, and its anti-black racism is so deep and pernicious that its members are willing to overlook the fact that black people are the most likely to be killed by a Republican.